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Michael J. Lynch

World Radio Conference 2007

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About Michael J. Lynch – President

Michael J Lynch PictureMichael J. Lynch currently chairs TIA’s TR-51, Smart Utility Networks (SUN) and previously chaired IEEE 802.18, the Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group. He is the IEEE SA Technical Liaison to ITU-R. Mr. Lynch’s continuing leadership role in developing SUN standards complements his over 30 years of participation in spectrum management and telecom regulatory matters. Previously Mr. Lynch was Nortel Network’s global prime for spectrum regulatory policy. In that role he also worked with the United States Government on matters of spectrum use and policy. Mr. Lynch participated at WRC-95, WRC-97, WRC-00, WRC-03, WRC-07, WRC-12 and WRC-15 either on the U.S. Delegation or representing the IEEE SA. He had an active role on behalf of IMT-2000 spectrum and the subsequent identification of the 2.5 GHz band by WRC-2000. He had a leading role in analyzing sharing issues in the 3.5 GHz band and its identification for use by the fixed and mobile services. In the 2004 – 2007 timeframe he promoted in ITU-R and CITEL the use of the 700 MHz frequency band which was subsequently identified by WRC-07 for IMT. Mr. Lynch has been a participant in radio related matters in CITEL’s Permanent Consultative Committee II (Radiocommunication including Broadcast), the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), ETSI and CEPT. In addition to having helped found the U.S. ITU Association (USITUA) Mr. Lynch chaired the Spectrum Policy Working Group (SPWG) of TIA’s Public Policy Committee which had a direct impact on FCC policies and rulemakings.

About John Notor– CTO

John Notor is an experienced technologist focused on wired and wireless hardware and systems for the communications marketplace. Mr. Notor has nearly 40 years of hands on experience as a designer, project leader, and manager developing cutting edge products for military, industrial, and consumer markets. Mr. Notor has a BSEE from California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo campus, an MSEE from San Jose State University, and is a Senior Member of IEEE.  Mr. Notor is an experienced participant in IEEE 802, having served as Vice Chair of IEEE 802.18, the Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group from 2010-2016, and a voting member since 2002. Mr. Notor is also a voting member and participant in the standards development activities of IEEE 802.15, the Working Group for WPAN. Additonally Mr. Notor participates in the standards development activities of the TIA TR-51 Smart Utility Network Engineering Committee, focused on developing a set of standards for Smart Meters


About Daeun Lee – Chief, Support Services Division

Daeun Lee PictureThe Support Services Division's role is to provide personnel support to regulatory and standards meetings globally on an as needed basis. Additionally Ms. Lee is responsible for management of MJLA’s Seoul office. The division also is responsible for graphic arts in support of corporate presentations and internet based material.




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